Independence Institute


The Independence Institute is a libertarian think tank based in Denver, Colorado with a stated mission “to empower individuals and to educate citizens, legislators and opinion makers about public policies that enhance personal and economic freedom.

The organization is the Colorado affiliate member of the State Policy Network, a coalition of state-based right wing think tanks and advocacy organizations that has, since its founding, worked with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to coordinate lobbying and political operations across the states.

Independence Institute leaders and staff have repeatedly bashed Colorado’s clean transportation policies, while perpetuating myths about the economics and environmental benefits of electric cars.

Meanwhile, the Institute’s “Coalition of Ratepayers” advocates against tailpipe pollution standards and state policies designed to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. The Coalition of Ratepayers was recently exposed by researchers at the Energy and Policy Institute for its financial and personnel ties to the Energy Policy Network (EPN), a front group for coal mining companies like Peabody Energy.

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